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Humility and Greatness | (2/24)

Dear Friends,

"There are two distinct communities in the world, with two distinct value systems. The symbol of one is the throne, but of the other the cross." -- John Stott

As I am getting older, my youthful ambition to be great fades away and feeling of unworthiness grows more and more, sometimes mixed with a sense of disappointment until I turn my eyes on Jesus and his old rugged cross. Then, I would rather have Jesus than all the glory of the world as a hymn writer says.

Some of you may suffer from a sense of failures and unfulfilled dreams. But praises be to God for giving us this glorious gospel of Jesus crucified for each of us. In Him, we have everything, lacking nothing!

May the Lord open our eyes to see our "future glory" and grant us grace to serve in humility and faith.