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Parable of the Sower

Sunday 07/01/2012 Sermon: Parables of Treasures


July 4th 2012

Dear YT Friends, Happy Independence Day! I had to change my undershirt twice today to cut some wood branches hit by the storm and lightening last Friday! Here is my last Sunday message--Jesus' Parable of the Sower--still fascinating to me--the most profound secrets of the kingdom--how we hear/see the word of God.  Please read and meditate on this parable of the sower (soils) and examine and cultivate your heart soil.



I have heard that Harrison and Mary got back today from Tanzania mission trip! Ruthie has moved into her new (cheaper!) apartment with three Christian girl friends. This Friday, I will be leading Revelation group bible study--one of the most puzzling Bible books--the main theme of the book--Chapter 11. May God of our founding fathers renew our nation--young people--to restore God's Kingdom vision. Love, Joseph